Sisi Afrika Magazine

Sisi is a digital magazine for in-depth stories and inspiring features of meaningful advances in art, science, technology, economy and politics in Africa.

Sisi caters to the eclectic demands of modern intelligent readers through aesthetic literary writing, narrative journalism, and experimental essays from some of the best writers, artists, and thinkers in Africa.

Sisi Afrika Magazine:

  • centres African voices and imaginations
  • reclaims Africa’s representational agency
  • de-emphasizes narratives of Africa as a theatre of crisis and benevolent interventions; and
  • counters stereotypical portrayals of Africa through diverse, multidimensional, and multidirectional narratives.

Our mission is to cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation of creative and cultural productions, amplify scientific inventions and technological innovations to increase adoption in the society, and engender a transformative political culture necessary for socioeconomic justice for all African peoples.

Sisi Afrika Magazine —