Education Programs

Education technologies can accelerate progress in underperforming education systems in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Increased access to digital learning technologies can improve learning outcomes, enhance educator effectiveness and prepare learners for absorption in an increasingly digitized workforce.

Sisi Afrika recognizes the increasingly faster flow of people and ideas across borders, with attendant omnipresent technologies, and believes that Africans must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to become constructive global citizens in the midst of fast-paced social and economic changes.

Sisi Afrika, (1) advocates for increased use and access to digital solutions with the potential of improving living conditions; (2) upscale and replicate initiatives that close the digital divide, especially for vulnerable groups, through digital inclusion and improve digital literacy and access to ICT; and (3) collaborates with partners to design and implement D4D projects and initiatives that deliver measurable results and leave long-lasting impact.